Midstate Machine Industries: Oil & Gas

High Pressure. Tested.

Midstate Machine’s goal is simple—the highest-quality, turnkey solutions delivered on the turn of a dime. Leveraging more than 5 decades of experience, we find smart, more efficient, and cost-effective ways to deliver high-quality, complex components that stand up to the rigorous demands of oil & gas applications.

Our skilled professionals work in 125,000 square feet of dedicated, state-of-the-art manufacturing space, featuring more than 41 multi-axis CNC machining stations. In addition, we have established an extensive network of industry leading suppliers and manufacturing companies, who deliver the best sourcing, finishing, and testing services at the best prices. This, coupled with our own experience and deep understanding of lean manufacturing principles, allows us to provide end-to-end solutions that minimize steps, waste materials, overall costs, and time-to-completion. And because we understand the extreme environments of this market, all of these improvements to the process are made without compromising the quality and precision of these complex, critical parts.

Key Attributes

  • Large-Scale Precision Milling Up To 140"
  • Modular Process Design For Rapid Start-Up
  • Turnkey Supply Chain Management With Qualified Base: Metal Treatment, Coating, Heat Treating
  • NADCAP Fusion Welding AS7003
  • Automated welding and cladding including Sub-Arc and Hot wire TIG

Component Proficiencies 

  • Stack Components
  • Ram Block Blow Out Preventer
  • Screw Compressor Housing
  • SEA Adaptor
  • Female Stab